Theta (r)evolution
Start. Begin your journey towards improvement and wellbeing, in every aspect of your life.
Learn how to use Thetahealing® methods to reprogram your way of feeling and thinking, to remove your limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones.
Open your heart and mind and get prepared to live a unique and unforgettable experience.

What you can do with Thetahealing.
Theta (r)evolution project's aim is to assist you in recreating your life. Through Thetahealing® methods you can increase abundance and prosperity, in every field, you can erase fears, feeling and belief systems that currently limit your existence.
Thetahealing is simple, fast, effective.
And changes are reflected in permanent basis.

What Theta healing is?
ThetaHealing is an ancient meditation method of consciousness realization and healing.
Using Theta brain waves frequencies you can consciously realize changings in one's personal reality.
In any aspect of your life.
Limiting beliefs
ThetaHealing is a very powerful and easy-to-learn technique to become co-creators of your own reality.
Recent studies in quantum physics have scientifically proved energetic -and creative- power of thoughts, convictions, attitudes and expectations.
ThetaHealing teaches quickly how to work on your own limiting beliefs (hindering our wellbeing) at the deepest level, Thetahealing teaches us how to remove such beliefs and replace them with empowering ones, in few individual sessions.

This is only a part of what makes Theta Healing ® a unique technique that can help us in achieving a deep state of harmony.

Theta brain waves
ThetaHealing teaches us how to work with Theta brain waves frequency.
What are theta waves? Scientists have identified 5 different types of brain waves, which correspond to different states of activity of the brain.
- Gamma Brain waves (more than 40 Hertz)
These correspond to states of particular intense brain activity. In this state there is a temporary increase in skill and learning levels (for example, reflected in a hazard).
- Beta brain waves (14 to 40 Hertz)
Are those that occur normally in a conscious subject.
- Alpha brain waves (from 8 to 14 Hertz)
This frequency occurs in a state of relaxation and meditation.
- Theta brain waves (3.5 to 8 Hertz)
This frequency is found in the REM sleep state (Rapid Eyes Movement, the dreaming phase). It is the window between the conscious and subconscious. By accessing this frequency you can be capable of influencing the subconscious part of yourselves that is normally inaccessible to the conscious mind.
- Delta Brain waves (from 0 to 3.5 Hertz)
These waves characterize the stages of deep sleep. Only people with high intuitive and psychic abilities are able to consciously access to these brain waves.
La nostra mission

We do what we are.
In a society where people identify
with what they do,
we are living and doing what we are.
This is the highest achievement that we could get.
And we are here to share this precious gift with others

Our mission is to facilitate the path of personal growth towards the realization of your being.
We want to bring as many people as possible in breaking free from inner limiting constraints imposed by our society under the form of stress, fears, prejudices and constraints.
In other words, help others in feeling free, happy, and healthy.
Theta healing® classes

These courses are taught by our Thetahealing teachers:


Click on the name of the courses above for a detailed description of the contents addressed in each of them.

Every Theta (R)evolution project teacher is directly certified by founder Vianna Stibal and qualified to teach the method.
Incoming classes

Manifesting & Abundance
Montecatini Terme, Italy, 13/14 June 2015
Investment: 370,00 eur - Deposit: 100eur


Basic DNA
Montecatini Terme, Italy, 26, 27, 28 June 2015
Investment: 370,00 eur - Deposit: 100eur


Advanced DNA
Montecatini Terme, Italy, 3, 4, 5 July 2015
Investment: 370,00 eur - Deposit: 100eur


Intuitive Anatomy
Montecatini Terme, 27th July to 14th August 2015
Investment: 1600,00 eur - Deposit: 440eur
Class days monday to friday. saturday and sunday are off.

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Le domande più frequenti
The number of sessions varies from case to case, depending on the objectives that the client wants to achieve, and how it responds to treatment, or how long it can accept an improvement both physically and mentally.
With ThetaHealing ® a lot of work is done in no time. Many time the expirience of change might be supported in a single session, in other cases there might be deep beliefs systems and rooted on more levels so it might be necessary to participate in a series of sessions to achieve the desired change.To determine how many sessions a person needs, you should make an assessment session with a qualified operator.
For each type of session it's always important to drink plenty of water. It 's very important to be well hydrated, to contribute to the proper functioning of the kinesiology muscle test.
In case of a TH session or Applied Kinesiology this test is used throughout the duration of the session. It's good to participate in a session with a report to the intention and attitude of positive change, placing himself in the open condition to allow a real transformation.
It's very important to know / choose what topics you want to work during the session.
The operators in our team are all highly qualified in their fields of membership and have years of experience.
In general, your intuition will guide you towards the right practitioner for you. We recommend an evaluation meeting to get to know you.
No, except rare cases everyone can receive a session. Our methods are really delicate and non-invasive but at the same time deep and effective.
In case of minors requiring a treatment we aks anyway for parents consense and being accompanied by them.
It consists in a comprehensive assessment of psycho-physical state of equilibrium. We obtain this information with the energetic response / information of Thetahealing methodic, and with the aid of kinesiological muscle test. The operator with the intuitive reading can also get very detailed and personal information, helping the client to identify deep points that create disorders or diseases. Often after the first session and Intuitive Reading, if necessary, we ask our customers to do medical testing to confirm the information obtained and the work done.
It is a 20 minutes session in which the operator makes an assessment of the psycho-physical customer state, and evaluates how to accompany the client to achieve its objectives.
No. There are ten thousands practicioners going from age 10 to 90. There are no limits to human potential, nor gender or social status can affect it. Taking care of one's self and others using the creative energy is a birthright.
No, since ThetaHealing® is a method, not a religion or a cult of worship.
If it were a religion, it would not be for everyone. The training followed by Vianna Stibal, embraced people with different religious beliefs and convictions. Every religion is wonderful.
Yes, she certainly has a medical record, sheets. Year 2008 was the one in which she has been asked to see them. Now she shows them in her seminars, together with tests related to heart problems and medical records of her coma, dating back to November 2007.
Absolutely No. We value and work with many doctors often advise clients in individual sessions to go into their studies to investigate the reports. We are convinced that the future prosperity lies in the full and sincere cooperation between Science, Traditional Medicine and Holistic Methods.
There are many interesting books. The spiritual and holistic publishing market is booming and many titles are now available in Italian. We think that every book that might attract your attention causing benefits, is a good book. In addition to all books and materials Thetahealing we teach / practice, we like very much like me, Donald Walsch "Conversations with God vol.1", Eckhart Tolle, "the now", Joseph Murphy,"The Power of Subconscious Mind" Gregg Braden "Divine Matrix" Bruce Lipton "...", "Millionaire Mind" ... but the titles are a really interesting number, in our library will store hundreds (many exist only in English).
Yes, you must sign in and sign a contract. This is done to maintain the technique pure and to ensure that they comply with the principles of the brand.
Yes. ThetaHealing ® Institute of Knowledge is registered as an Educational professional-technical school , in Schools division of Idaho Falls. It 'sa recognized and certified school in the U.S. It's not (currently) recognized (by Italian law. Can it be possible to check the credentials of your operators / teachers? Of course. Any of our operators are registered in the official websites of Thetahealing and other disciplines. However, it is possible to ask, during a session to have a look at the appropriate certificates for the session / seminar course ongoing.