What Theta healing is?

ThetaHealing is an ancient meditation method of consciousness realization and healing.
Using Theta brain waves frequencies you can consciously witness the changes in your personal reality, in any aspect of life.

The ThetaHealing session

Duration = 45-60 mins/ (session lengths can vary depending on the issue and the individual. First sessions can be longer)

The ThetaHealing session (or treatment) is an effective way to create significant improvements, both immediate and long lasting, in the lives of individuals.

The enormous potential of this healing method combined with the experience and professionalism of our team allows us, sometimes even in a single session, to resolve important and longstanding issues, to help people in overcoming obstacles of all kinds, to guide people toward a deeper understanding of themselves and their own spiritual path.

If you also want to change your point of view about the world, if you want to start to focus on what you really desire, if you want to overcome any obstacle or problems that have barred from achieving your happiness - it is time for you to take a step forward this direction.

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