What is ThetaHealing®

Theta Healing® is an ancient holistic method re-discovered today by the American naturopath Vianna Stibal.

By using Theta brain waves you can realize, consciously, a positive change in your own reality, in any field.
Scientific studies demonstrate that certain brain frequencies as Alpha waves (deep meditation, Reiki) and Theta may, among other things:
- relieve stress and produce a lasting and substantial decrease in anxiety;
- facilitate a deep physical relaxation and mental clarity;
- improve verbal skills and intellectual activity;
- synchronize both brain hemispheres;
- evoke vivid and spontaneous mental images, imaginative and creative thinking;
- reduce pain, stimulate endorphins release.

The purpose of Theta Healing is to assist you in recreating your life. Through Theta Healing you can increase your abundance and prosperity in every area, eliminate fears and traumas, resentment and regret, feelings and belief systems that currently limit your existence.
It's simple, fast, effective, and the changes are reflected quickly and permanently.

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