Crystal Therapy

Duration = 45 min sessions
Crystal Layout Duration = 30-45min
All sessions can be combined with Theta Healing and Sound Healing.

Crystal Therapy is a method of natural healing that uses crystals, rocks and minerals of various shapes and colors to achieve and maintain a state of mental well-being by stimulating the natural resources of the individual.

Each crystal has its own energy field, and therefore it has the ability to get in touch with every living form in the animal kingdom.
The crystal, having its own unique vibration, resonates with the body (like a tuning fork that vibrates) bringing improvements on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

In old times, from the classical world to the Middle Ages, the properties and effects of minerals have been studied. Stones were attributed with a definite therapeutic influence, specific for each disease, such as stated in Plinius Naturalis Historia or Theophrastus’ Treaty (ancient manuscripts) on rocks.

On request and by appointment we also perform crystal layout.