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Luca Lamberti

Luca Lamberti - Official ThetaHealing® Italian Representative - Master with Science.

In his first avatar, Luca had over a decade's worth of corporate experience in the world of sales & marketing, living in Italy, France and England and travelling across the world representing top companies in high positions. This served him very well but there was something 'missing' in his life and very soon he had manifested his second avatar as a Healer.

This journey took him through a varied experience in many different healing modalities such as sound healing, applied kinesiology, numerology, crystal healing, energy healing and he even spent time with Gregg Braden and the Institute of Heart Math sciences. All this experiences allowed him to coach businesses and people to achieve greater prosperity, well-being and success.

Once he came across ThetaHealing and met the founder - Vianna Stibal - he knew he had found what he was looking for and proceeded to take every course as a student and spent countless hours with Vianna in the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Croatia, England and United States learning to teach others this powerful healing modality. As his experience grew, his talent as a healer became stronger and he had the opportunity to be assisting Vianna in her Instructor courses worldwide and spent several months with her, also in Idaho Falls in the summer of 2011 and 2012 at THiNK - ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge.

Luca is qualified to teach all courses ThetaHealing has to offer and is one of the selectd few people worldwide that is focused in spreading this powerful healing modality internationally.
Luca has led many seminars in Italy and other European and Asian countries teaching others how to change their lives for the better with ThetaHealing®.

If you wish to contact Luca, you can write at