The power of breath
Duration = 60 min.

The term prana, from the Sanskrit prana (Devanagari: प्राण), literally means life and in second instance it is intended as breathing. All living things, according to the Hindu physiology, have prana (literally life, energy), the conservation of which is derived from the proper conduct of all the psychological, emotional and physiological functions needed to maintain a harmonious balance.

One of the most obvious ways by which living beings get prana is provided by breathing, which carries, in addition to oxygen also vitality (a subtle element) that we draw from air.

Through breathing we regulate other important mechanisms, such as the 70% of detoxification system in our organism.
Through rebirthing we can learn to control our breathing in a conscious way and through it the flowing energy through our body, in order to use a divine energy to clean up our energetical body, to release trauma and obtain wellness and relax.