Numerology is considered the sacred science for excellence. It appears to be is as old as writing: indeed, among all ancient civilizations, Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, Chinese and Indians, written records have been found and some researchers trace its origins even on legendary Atlantis!

Personal numerological reading

This reading is composed for you personally, and is based on your full birth name, your date of birth and the name you use to introduce yourself. Numerological reading allows us to make an interpretation of numbers coming from these personal information once taken as the subject of arithmetical operations.
This interpretation will allow you to understand and make best use of your energy and potential, to support your dreams, your desires to achieve, as long as aligned with the desires and the evolution of your immortal soul.
Numerology can provide much useful information on personalities, trends, conscious and unconscious potential of individuals, their karmic task/lessons, and their profound intelligence.
This knowledge can help improving the level of health, happiness and personal fulfillment.